ReWILD! is an augmented reality mobile game where the object is to capture, if you can, virtual 3D bison to earn cryptocurrency and see it grow as you successfully breed them and trade them. But understand, it won't be easy and it will take your attention and your time to do it right. Are you up to the challenge? Sign up for our forthcoming email newsletter.

The Team


Bill Moore
Project Director


Joshua Fisher
Immersive Media


Morgan Drake
AR Lead


ReWILD! Game To Virtually Repopulate the Great Plains with "Living" Cryptocurrency Bison

OMAHA, NE 25 August 2021 - Prior to European encroachment onto the tall grass prairies and short grass plains of the continent, an estimated 30-60 million bison roamed free from Canada to Mexico, the Rockies to the Appalachian and beyond. By 1880, they were nearly all gone but for a handful. While their numbers have recovered somewhat in the last 100 years, they remain but a shadow of what once grazed and transformed the continent.

ReWILD!, an augmented reality mobile game aims to virtually restore those vast herds in their millions by making it both fun and potentially rewarding to capture, raise and trade digital, 3D bison "minted" as non-fungible tokens on the cryptocurrency blockchain..

Project director Bill Moore, explains, "The objective of the game, which you will be able to play on most of today's iOS and Android smart phones, is to try and capture our free-roaming digital bison. If you're fortunate enough to capture one, you'll have the opportunity to raise, breed and then trade them."

"What's unique about ReWILD! is that we hope to give each of our digital bison their own machine intelligence so they act and respond like real, living bison." Moore noted that the game's bison will be three-dimensional, animated characters that have their value defined by a proprietary cryptocurrency called BISONTOKEN. "These are 'smart contracts' that have the ability to mimic the actions and even, to a certain extent, the growth cycle of these iconic animals."

The group behind ReWILD! is comprised to US-based professionals in immersive media and augmented reality, as well as video game animators in India who created the digital menagerie of the acclaimed Internet of Elephants App. They are seeking phase one development funds from one of the leading blockchain developers, IOHK's Project Catalyst.

Help Us Win Project Catalyst Funding

One of the most promising blockchains currently being developed comes from a firm called Input Output Hong Kong/Global (IOHK/IOG) founded by Charles Hoskinson in 2015. Called Cardano, it currently has a capitalisation of $90 billion. Using the Proof of Stake (PoS) validation protocol, it is one of the most efficient blockchains, in terms of energy utilization, available, reputedly using a fraction of the electricity required by Bitcoin and Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies.

For this reason, it is the protocol on which ReWILD! has chosen develop the NFT components of the game. In addition, it also promises predictably low "gas" fees and processing speeds at global scale.

There is also another reason we've chosen Cardano, a very practical one: they offer development funds for promising Cardano-based applications. Their Project Catalyst has a significant pool of funds available, reportedly somewhere around half a billion USD. Importantly, anyone can submit a proposal and we have under one of their Fund 6 challenge grants. You can read our initial proposal here: Mimic Nature with Living NFT.

In keeping with the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) philosophy underpinning much of rationale for the blockchain, these grants are awarded based on community response, not on some executive board or benefactor whim. In other words, we need to build public support for our proposal and that support needs to be reflected in public comment on the IDEASCALE website and eventually in votes from Cardano Ada (its cryptocurrency) hodlers.

You can help us win one of the grants for phase one development of ReWILD! by registering on IDEASCALE in order to give the project a "hand clap." You don't have to own Cardano Ada or any other cryptocurrency to "applaud" the our proposal. If we can win first stage funding, we can build our demonstration AR App and begin work on integrating it with our "living" NFT concept.