Where Buffalo Roam the Blockchain

ReWILD! Game

ReWILD™ is a play-to-earn game project, the goal of which is to find, capture, breed and trade -- in augmented reality -- wild, 3d bison that are also NFTs on the blockchain.

Incentivizing Environmental Conservation Through Gameplay

The objective of ReWILD!™ is to promote a greater understanding and engagement in wildlife conservation through the care and custodianship of virtual North American bison.

  • Breed to Earn

    Custodianship of each 3D bison is designated by smart contract on the blockchain that also reflects their maturity, health, and potential value.

  • Augmented Reality

    The ReWILD!™ AR App the project is developing challenges players to find, capture, breed and trade virtual bison.

  • Crypto Tokens

    ReWILD!''s™ in-game token/coin is the NCKL or "nickel." One way players earn them is by sharing JPEG posters on their social media platforms.

  • Plains Perspectives

    Personal observations and comments on conservation, wildlife, augmented reality, crypto, gaming, native culture,the blockchain.

Step Into A "Virtual-Verse"

Explore America's Great Plains As It Once Was, As It Might Be Yet Again
  • Game Play

    ReWILD!™ is an Augmented Reality game project that challenges the player to capture, breed and trade 3D bison. Click inside the game window. Use WSAD on keyboard.

  • Our Mission

    ReWILD!™ digital bison NFTs will manifest the many of the biological attributes of their living, flesh and blood counterparts.

  • Our Team

    ReWILD!™ bison will play a keystone species role in rewilding the Plains back to the original "sea of grass and wild flowers."