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ReWILD! Game

ReWILD™ is a play-to-earn game project, the goal of which is to find, capture, breed and trade -- in augmented reality -- wild, 3d bison that are also NFTs on the blockchain.

Incentivizing Environmental Conservation Through Gameplay

The objective of ReWILD!™ is to promote a greater understanding and engagement in wildlife conservation through the care and custodianship of virtual North American bison.

  • Breed to Earn

    Custodianship of each 3D bison is designated by smart contract on the blockchain that also reflects their maturity, health, and potential value.

  • Augmented Reality

    The ReWILD!™ AR App the project is developing challenges players to find, capture, breed and trade virtual bison.

  • Crypto Tokens

    ReWILD!''s™ in-game token/coin is the NCKL or "nickel." One way players earn them is by sharing JPEG posters on their social media platforms.

  • Plains Perspectives

    Personal observations and comments on conservation, wildlife, augmented reality, crypto, gaming, native culture,the blockchain.

Step Into A "Virtual-Verse"

Explore America's Great Plains As It Once Was, As It Might Be Yet Again
  • Game Play

    ReWILD!™ is an Augmented Reality game project that challenges the player to capture, breed and trade 3D bison.

  • Our Mission

    ReWILD!™ digital bison NFTs will manifest the many of the biological attributes of their living, flesh and blood counterparts.

  • Our Team

    ReWILD!™ bison will play a keystone species role in rewilding the Plains back to the original "sea of grass and wild flowers."

Earn Game Play NCKL Crypto Tokens

You can earn ReWILD!™ NCKL crypto tokens when you share these JPEG posters on your social media account(s). Click the LEARN HOW button below to see how you can participate.


ToonsTech.com is a startup venture devoted to employing augmented reality and related technologies as an educational tool based on the perspective that the best way to learn from the past is to relive it... virtually. [TOONSTECH.COM]


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Our proposed BISONTOKEN™ serves as the economic foundation for a revived plains ecology - and beyond - by raising the visibility and appreciation of these ancient ungulates.