ReWILD! is, as of this writing (2024/04/14), a concept with a funding proposal to the Cardano Foundation''s Project Catalyst (Fund 7). It has attracted some attention but we want to "spread the word" further and you can help us. In exchange for posting one or more of the JPEG graphic posters you see on this page, we will award you our in-game token called the nickel (NCKL): 5 for each posting to one of your social media accounts, or 10 for posts to game, blockchain or crypto-relevant channels on Reddit, Discord and Telegram. Here is an example on the Reddit CryptoNebraska channel.

The process is simple.
· Copy or drag one or more of the posters below to your computer, tablet or phone and then add it to the selected social media page.

· Once it is embedded in the page, right click it and copy the image address. Copying Instragram Links

· Paste this address, along with the media page name and title of the poster into your Gamer Dashboard.

· Once you submit the information, it is logged to your ReWILD!™ online account.

· We will then confirm it. It will then display in your dashboard. Allow several days to be process.

Under the current promotional program, we have allocated 40,000 crypto NCKL. Once a player attains a minimum of 50 tokens, they can be transferred to the player''s crypto wallet. At present these tokens have no fiat currency value. Once the game is launched, they can be used for in-game services and objects. Because the NCKL token is minted on the Cardano blockchain, they can only be transferable to Cardano specific wallets at this time.

Toons Technology has the right to modify the terms of this promotion at anytime.

Pick Your Poster, or Two... or Three...

Earning Her Spurs Lakota Buffalo Wranglers

TOONS TECHNOLOGY is a startup venture devoted to employing augmented reality and related technologies as an educational tool based on the perspective that the best way to learn from the past is to relive it... virtually. [TOONSTECH.COM]


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Our proposed BISONTOKEN™ serves as the economic foundation for a revived plains ecology - and beyond - by raising the visibility and appreciation of these ancient ungulates.