ReWILD!™ : Playing-to-Earn

The Game: How to Raise a Herd of Wild Bison

Virtually Wild and Woolly

So, why bison (or buffalo)? In large measure because they are and always will be wild animals with a will and temperament to match. They are amazingly nimble and fast, able to jump a six-foot fence from a standstill and outrun a horse. They are curious, but also cautious. They are social animals and protective of their young: don't get between a cow and her calf. Mature bulls can weigh a ton or more and are pure muscle. All bison have dangerous horns and thick skulls, which they are not shy about using if danger threatens.

In other words, they are an ideal game challenge. Players will earn their NCKLs.

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What's a NFT?

The primary asset on ReWILD!™ are the game's 3D digital bison, which are animated files to be distributed across the decemtralized IPFS (interplanetary file system). The properties of the file, its name, encrypted hash, ownership, and other key values, including its value in NCKLs - the in-game token - are locked into the Cardano generation three blockchain, one of the most energy efficient, affordable, fast, and secure blockchains yet. In othere words, each digital bison file is also a Non-Fungible Token or NFT, the ownership of which is indisputable, but also transferrable.

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DAO: Game Governance

One of the lesser appreciated benefits of the blockchain is its decentralized governance: what is referred to as a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). It is, in its own way, the ultimate expression of participatory democracy. ReWILD!™ looks forward to eventually relinquishing oversight of game rules and program direction to its token holders. It will not happen overnight. It likely will take several years, but the ultimate outcome is players will own more than their tokens. They will "own" the game.

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