Virtual Bison Ranching for Fun and Profit*

ReWILD!™ is an Augmented Reality game in development that seeks to impart the challenge and thrill of breeding virtual wild bison: calves, yearlings, adult heifers and bulls. Built on the blockchain, they can grow, mature and breed; and it's your job to promote their wellbeing over a lifetime that can last years; but with care you can grow your own herd, supplying them to a soon-to-be-ready market in the ever-expanding Immersiverse.

* In-game

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Up to the Challenge of Capturing and Breeding Wild Bison?

Capturing wild virtual bison with the ReWILD™! App will be challenging. These are not cutsey anime characters, but wild animals, molded by a hundred thousand years of evolution. It will take skill, teamwork and no small measure of luck to start your breeding herd. Find out if you're up to it.

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Start Collecting ReWILD!™ Tokens Today

ReWILD!™'s in-game cryptocurrency is, appropriately, the Nickel, ticker system NCKL. We have minted an initial 40,000 of them, the value of a single adult game bison. We are awarding them to future gameplayers who share our ReWILD! Poster on their social media network. Earn 10 tokens for every successful post to Instagram, Telegram, Reddit, Discord, Meta and Twitter.

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The Buffalo Grass Plains Blockchain Awaits

ReWILD! is being built on the Cardano generation three blockchain with its predictably low transaction fees, fast throughput, and low environmental impact. As the game develops, we envison intergrating the following features:

Play Outdoors and Indoors

ReWILD!™ will be playable both out-of-doors at select public locations and indoors using iOS and Android smartphones. The advent of affordable consumer-grade AR eyewear will further enhance play.

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Breed Your Herd for Trade and Profit

As you successfully bred your herd, your in-game wealth can increase through a smart contract royalty for life with each calf born.

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John Paul Strain painting.

Meet Toons Technology

ReWILD!™ is the outgrowth of Toons Technology project to create an immersive media experience of a day in early 1872 when three cultures collaborated in peace. That project is called Ghosts of the Buffalo Grass.

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Real Bison Ranching

Small bison ranchers like Cross Timbers Bison and Broken Arrow Bison, as well as many others have Youtube channels to chronicle their experiences. They too are inspirations for ReWILD!™.

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