Proposed Game Play and Art Style

App Framework

The ReWILD!™ AR App is divided into three major segments: Capture, Breed, Trade. "Capture" requires play out-of-doors to find the game's roaming herds of virtual bison, which curiously can obey private property rules and appear only on public lands. "Breed" and "Trade" are designed to be more indoor playable, with a future capability of Augmented Reality tabletop projection, as well as in Virtual Reality (VR). The former enables scale-down interaction with and management of your herd on virtual range land, leased or owned.

App Framework

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ReWILD!™ incorporates a number of innovations, including the concept of a "living" NFT (smart contract) where 3D animated bison can not only manifest behavioral aspects of bison but also biological ones: breeding, birth, growth, maturation, which we envision being implemented as depicted in the graphic below.

App Framework

Tabletop Play

ReWILD!™ App shall have the ability to project on most flat surfaces virtual rangeland on which a player's bison can roam and graze. That land will be either owned outright by ReWILD!&trade or sold to players where they can then raise their herd or lease to other players for grazing rights. Tabletop play will be significantly enhanced from a ergonomic perspective with the availability of affordable, consumer-grade AR eyeware.

App Framework

Art Style

One of the areas that ReWILD!™ developers are seeking future player input is the style of the art in the game. We are deliberating which of four possible art styles to develop first. You can share your thoughts on our Telegram and Bisontoken Discord channels.

ReWILD! Bison art styles

Lite Paper

Admitted, there are still many aspects of the game yet to be developed, but the PDF file linked below seeks to give even greater depth of insight into game objectives and mechanics. Feel free to download; and please share your perspective and suggestions with us on our social media accounts. ReWILD!™ is very much a work in progress that can be improved by active gamers and blockchain programmer insights and input.

ReWILD! Lite Paper